Monday, July 20, 2009

Ferris Wheel Fun

On Friday I took you on your very first Ferris Wheel ride. It was one of those days where we didn't have much planned. We were actually out running errands when you fell asleep in the car. Since naps are a rare commodity around here, I decided to take a drive so you could catch your zzz's. We ended up all the way at Balboa Island. You woke up as soon as I found a parking spot. The first thing you noticed was the great big Ferris Wheel. You REALLY wanted to go. So I paid the six dollars (wow, pricey!) and we boarded. As soon as the wheel started turning, your whole body started shaking and you grabbed hold of me with a death grip. I tried to focus your attention to the beautiful scenery...anything to get you to calm down. It took about five full rotations and then you were in love. You were having so much fun. The nice man let us ride for about ten minutes, but you could have stayed on much longer. I love experiencing FIRSTS with you. I tried to take pictures with my camera phone...but no luck. I really need to get my camera fixed!

*Cuteness: When your tummy growls you inform me that your, "tummy is grungling." So adorable.