Monday, November 17, 2008

A Day with Mae

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

One of the Best Disneyland Adventures EVER!!

Almost a whole month ago, you and I had the most amazing Disney day. We went with your BFF Hailee Bop and her mommy, Auntie Netty. It started off as any ole’ trip to the land……parking 10 miles away in the parking structure, then walking 10 miles to get to the park, and then waiting in a line to get in. But little did we know that it would turn out to be one of the most memorable experiences yet.

When we entered the park, Aunty and I were reading the map and schedule for the day. We saw that there was a Princess area where you could meet all your favorite characters. Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Belle, Jasmine, but most importantly….Ariel!! I went up to a cast member and asked where we could find this area. He explained it and gave us directions. We chatted with him for a bit and then all of a sudden he mentioned that we were perfect candidates for….a secret princess……well, he didn’t want to tell us too many details. But he was positive that you and Hailee would be ecstatic over this….thing. He gave us a special ticket and told us to meet at the Shield at 5pm. So we didn’t know what to expect, but we were really excited to find out!

Leading up to this…secret……we spent the day riding such rides as Pinocchio, the carousel, Dumbo (Ok you didn’t get to ride it. You had to take a potty break as soon as we got close to the front of the line), and Winnie the pooh. We even rode the Haunted Mansion ride, which was decorated like The Nightmare Before Christmas. Hailee Bop was asleep for this whole spooky ride but you were wide awake. When we exited the Haunted Mansion you exclaimed, “WE MADE IT.” In fact, after every ride we rode, you and Hailee would say this. Like you guys thought we wouldn’t make it out alive. It was so adorable.

All day you girls were perfect angels. You got along just like best friends should. You danced and hopped in the lines, you shared french fries at lunch, and giggled together all day. Auntie and I could not have asked for two better behaved munchkins.

When 4:00 rolled around, you little ones were sound asleep in your strollers. Exhausted from all the fun! And we of course DID NOT EAT ICE CREAM while you were out. No way, what horrible mommies we would be!! And we did NOT WATCH THE PARADE without you either. NO WAY! (OK, maybe we did those things, but we threw away the evidence and the loud parade music didn’t even wake you guys up. No siree!)

At 4:30 we headed over to the Princess Fantasy Faire area. The man told us we should be a little early since there was a regal ceremony and activities held there too. You and Hailee watched the princess on the stage in awe for the Royal Coronation Ceremony. Your reaction was better than expected. Your eyes sparkled with excitement. We danced along with the princesses and learned out to curtsy. There may have been some crying when Snow White left the area.

Finally 5:00 was here and it was time for the secret to be revealed. With autograph books and pens in hand, you and Hailee waited patiently for…..well, we weren’t sure. A man came out and collected out ticket, and led us into a private castle room. Inside two lovely princesses awaited us. It was Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty (or Bean as Hailee calls her). They were there to talk and take pictures with just you two. No other children were allowed inside during your private time with them. SO COOL!! You ladies were speechless. You sat on their laps and said NOTHING! You didn’t know what to do. You were shocked that your beloved cartoon characters were sitting right there with you, talking about Prince Phillip and Prince Charming. It was the most amazing moment in Disneyland history.

After this exciting meeting, we stood in line to see all the other princesses. It was a looooong line with crazy people yelling. But it was all worth it. You got to meet.....



And Jasmine

Because it was a school night, we had to leave a little early. But before we left we rode the Mater Horn for the very first time! I was so scared that you be frightened and traumatized. So I held on to you real tight and talked to you the whole time about how fun it was. When the ride came to a stop, you turned to me and said, “I wasn’t scared, Momma.” You were a brave little chick-a-dee. I am so proud of you. I am not sure how Hailee Bop enjoyed it. But there were no tears shed by either one of you… I think it was a success. Way to go Roller Coaster Riders!!

Thank you Hailee Bop and Aunty Netty for the most wonderful, memorable Disneyland Day! It was definitely a tough day to top. But here’s to next year…….let’s try to top it! Love ya both….and love you my Sunshine Mae!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Two Parades in One Day

On Thursday you had a Halloween parade at school. Daddy and I took the day off so we could come and watch. You wore your beautiful princess costume. So did MANY OTHER little girls. At least your costume was an original. No other little girls wore it.

For the parade, you all circled the basketball courts about three times. You seemed to enjoy walking around with your friends while some of the smaller kids cried the whole time.

When the parade was finished, your class went out to the parking lot to do some Trunks or Treats. Some parents decorated their trunks and passed out candy. You thought it was super fun. Every time you got candy you would run to me and say, "Mama, I got MORE candy!" So adorable.

Since I took the whole day off, Grandma and I decided to take you to Disneyland. While Grandma was in line to get her Annual Pass, you and I visited Mickey. Last year you were deathly afraid of the characters at Disneyland. But this year you walk right up to them and give them a great big hug. You finally really enjoy the Disney experience, which I am so happy about. It is one of my favorite places to go and just love sharing it with you.

I think the best part of the evening was watching you watching the parade.

The waiting for the parade took a long time, but you had fun with your grandma.

You loved seeing all the princesses. You shouted out their names as each one went by. Grandma told you to wave to them. At first you wouldn't, but eventually your little hand went discretely up and there was a small, barely visible wave. Too cute!