Sunday, November 2, 2008

Two Parades in One Day

On Thursday you had a Halloween parade at school. Daddy and I took the day off so we could come and watch. You wore your beautiful princess costume. So did MANY OTHER little girls. At least your costume was an original. No other little girls wore it.

For the parade, you all circled the basketball courts about three times. You seemed to enjoy walking around with your friends while some of the smaller kids cried the whole time.

When the parade was finished, your class went out to the parking lot to do some Trunks or Treats. Some parents decorated their trunks and passed out candy. You thought it was super fun. Every time you got candy you would run to me and say, "Mama, I got MORE candy!" So adorable.

Since I took the whole day off, Grandma and I decided to take you to Disneyland. While Grandma was in line to get her Annual Pass, you and I visited Mickey. Last year you were deathly afraid of the characters at Disneyland. But this year you walk right up to them and give them a great big hug. You finally really enjoy the Disney experience, which I am so happy about. It is one of my favorite places to go and just love sharing it with you.

I think the best part of the evening was watching you watching the parade.

The waiting for the parade took a long time, but you had fun with your grandma.

You loved seeing all the princesses. You shouted out their names as each one went by. Grandma told you to wave to them. At first you wouldn't, but eventually your little hand went discretely up and there was a small, barely visible wave. Too cute!


summir said...

such a cute little princess you were for halloween natalie! an original??? did you make that costume tricia?? it's so cute!!!