Friday, January 23, 2009

It's Been a Month! Really?

I can't believe that I haven't posted for a month. It doesn't mean that we haven't been doing things or having fun. It's just that we have so much fun together that I don't have time to write. Last night I took you to Chuck E. Cheeses. You have been begging to go ever since I took you for the first time a couple of weeks ago.

I let you hold on to your cup of money (tokens) and you feel like such a grown up. You are very careful with that cup. You keep it close to you or you tell me to, "hold on to this so no one steals it." I would say you were being a worry wart, but I have seen some kids do some crazy things there at Chuck E.'s house.

The whole time you just run around placing tokens in slots, riding the rides, and playing the games. I just stand back, a shadow, allowing you to do your thing. I am so proud of you that you are independent and brave enough to try new things. I can't believe the baby you once were is now a big kid! It is such a bitter sweet fact. I miss the baby you, but adore this stage in your life. I love you, Mae.

Adorable things you have said or did:

You spent the evening with Grandma and she was going to take you to Dairy Queen. It was getting late so she asked you if you should wear your pj's to the ice cream shop. Your reply was, "That's not going to work."

Almost every night we read a book called The Ten Timid Ghosts (I know it is a Halloween Book, but it is your favorite right now). We have read it so many times you have it practically memorized. Each time I turn the page you know what is coming, "Ten timid ghosts in a haunted house, a witch moved in and wanted them out." I don't even say it with you anymore. You just know that is your part to saw.

Almost every day you tell me and daddy we are your favorite in the whole world. "You're my favorite Mommy in the whole world," or "you're my favorite daddy in the whole world." And we always respond with, "you're my favorite daughter in the whole world." And its true, you are our favorite.

Thank you for bringing joy to my every day life.


Melissa said...

I really enjoyed reading your post! Natalie is lucky to have a mom like you that writes everything down in such detail...she is going to love reading about all of these fun events later in life. Keep on writing!!!