Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Grace Lutheran Christmas Show

On December 5th you had your Preschool Christmas show. For a few weeks you had been working on two songs that you were to sing on the alter at Grace Lutheran Church. I was a little nervous that you weren’t going to go up there. You woke me up that morning saying that you had a horse voice and s stuffy noise so you would not be able to sing today. I assured you that you would be fine. We got you all dressed and beautiful and put you into the car. On the way, your true feelings about singing came out. You admitted that you didn’t want to get up on stage in front of all the people. You were scared. I told you that you would have all your friends up there with you so it wouldn’t be too scary. But I was pretty nervous!!

When we got to the church you saw all your best friends, including your BOYFRIEND Devin. Yes, that’s right, your boyfriend. You are only four and you already have one. Oh no! Well, before the show started you ran around and played with all your friends and had so much fun that you forgot about how scared you were.

When it came time for your class to go up on the alter, you climbed right up there and proudly sang your songs with the hand motions. I was one proud mama.

After the songs, the director told the parents that they could come on up and take pictures. Well, this is when the funniest thing happened. You jumped your place in line and stood in front of all your friends and began posing for the cameras. You modeled all your different poses for Grandpa and my camera.

The "I'm So Cute" pose.

The "I'm a Teenager with a Fitted Dress" pose.

The "Daddy You Better Watch Out For the Boys" pose.

I was laughing so hysterically along with Aunty and Sara. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen and a true example of your funny personality. Thank you for the laughs little lady.


Summir said...

Oh Natalie, you are growing so fast!

Super cute pics...especially the last few.