Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wow It Has Been A Long Time

Well, I haven’t written on this here blog in quite some time. There have been many changes to your life. You finally became a big sister on September 17th, you are now four years old, and you have had your long locks of hair chopped off.

Let’s start with the first big change in your life: your little brother. This sweet boy came into your world and turned it completely upside down. The “only-childness” you have enjoyed for almost four years was over in an instant. But I have to say you have handled it like a trouper. More than anything you love to snuggle and kiss your brother. You sing him songs when he cries that you make up all on your own. One of my favorite lyrics you have come up with is, “We will never leave you, Nate. We are your family.” You tell him all the time that he is so cute and you whisper to him secrets I will never know. You put your face close to his and ask me, “Mom, would this be a cute picture?” My hope for you and Nate is that you will be best friends forever. So far, you two are headed in the right direction.

On November 23rd you FINALLY turned four. I say finally because many of your friends have turned four before you and you couldn’t wait until you joined them. This year we celebrated at Pump It Up. You jumped and played and had a fabulous time will all your closest friends. And best of all: Mom had to do none of the set up or clean up. It was FABULOUS!

Now about your hair. You have been growing your hair now for quite some time. You would not let me cut it because Becca had VERY LONG hair and you wanted it to be just like her. So we hadn’t cut it in over a year. Well, then Becca came to visit over Thanksgiving vacation. She came with a very short haircut. She had donated her hair to Locks of Love. Once you saw her new hair-do you decided to cut yours. So on December 17th you chopped your hair off. And we ALL just love it. Including you. As you walked out of the hair salon, you exclaimed that, “I look gorgeous!” And you do!!!

You are becoming such a beautiful girl both inside and out. I thank my lucky stars each day that I have such a wonderful, sweet, amazing daughter. I love you with all my heart, Pumpkin Head.