Sunday, December 7, 2008

Weekend Fun

We have just come to an end to one of the best weekends ever. It was filled with the best of friends and so many fun memories.

The Thomson bunch came to visit us for a few days. They arrived very late at night on Thursday. You were already asleep in daddy’s office, so we placed Boo in there….wide awake. She was just dying to wake you up. She sat next to you for a long while just starring, waiting for you to realize you had company. I don’t know how it happened but you eventually woke up. You were so excited and there was squealing and playing until 2 IN THE MORNING! We put you back to bed and I climbed into mine. I fell right to sleep, but it seems as though you and Boo had some trouble. Uncle John finally had to climb in between the two of you to get you to settle down. He ended up sleeping there the entire night!!

The next day we visited Santa at South Coast Plaza. Luckily there was not much of a line. But while we were waiting, you proclaimed that you would not being crying this year. And guess what? You didn’t. Santa asked Boo what she wanted and she told him a fast car. You told him you wanted princesses. This came as no surprise to him (or me).

One of our favorite things to do when the Thomson’s come to visit is go to the beach. On Saturday we all went together, including the Daddy's. They took such good care of all you kids. It is such a wonderful sight to see Daddy's with their daughters. You and Boo are lucky gals.

On Sunday, just us girls went to the beach. We walked on the sand and played together.

You and Boo played so well together. We hardly saw you all weekend since you two entertained each other. You giggled and danced. You dressed up like pretty, pretty princesses.

You loved JM. I guess you snuggled with him and Auntie Ha Ha in the morning, smothering him with kisses. And now that they are gone, your baby doll is named JM and I must be quiet while he sleeps. I have to admit, he is pretty lovable with his scrunchy face smiles. Yum!

The three of you were such angels.

Why, may I ask, do weekends like these go so darn fast? Thank you so much Thomson's for such a wonderful weekend full of the sweetest memories. We are surely blessed to have such amazing friends who have become our family.

Thank you honey for being such an amazing Daddy to Mae. I just love watching the two of you and the bond that you have.

Thank you for being a great sport and heading to the beach with us. I could not ask for a better hubby and best friend! I love you!

Things I don't want to forget about the weekend:

1. Road rage
2. Reindeer carousel and the inefficiency of the workers (and my small confrontation with them....I don't know what got into me)
3. Getting our butts kicked by Garrett EVERY TIME we played Scene It
4. Dinner with friends and family and yummy pasta shells (and whole bottles of wine...bad idea)
5. The evening stroll that turned into an hour long trek along a busy street. (Poor Auntie ha Ha and Sara's feet)
6. The skunk along the wall that Maddie wanted to eat
7. Handsome little boy smiles and cuddles in the middle of the night.

I hope I am not missing anything.