Friday, December 26, 2008

We have just finished up not one, not two, not even three Christmases…

...but FOUR! On Saturday we had all of Daddy’s side of the family over. Grandma cooked a delicious turkey and brought a honey baked ham. We had a wonderful day talking, laughing, playing games, and eating tons of food. You had a great time playing Barbie’s in your room with Danielle. I hardly saw you at all. You were having such a fun time.

Uncle Scotch was his fun self as always. You were climbing all over him. Look at your happy grin.

You posed for me a bit in front of the fireplace. It took about a hundred shots to get one good one. And I had to bribe you with cookies!! But look how cute you are.

We are so lucky and blessed to have such a fun-loving family. Thank you Sodorff’s, Adnam’s, and Simpson’s for such a lovely, memorable day. We love you all!!!