Sunday, July 20, 2008

Leaving On a Jet Plane

Yesterday we left on a plane to come to Port Orchard, Washington. So that you were super tired for the trip, Daddy and I kept you very busy. In the morning, you went to breakfast with Papa, Grandma, and Sara. Then you took an hour long tumbling class. After lunch, the three of us went in the pool. You swam like crazy...even in the deep end (brave mermaid!).

At 4:30 I went to pick up some Subway sandwiches for the plane ride. While I was gone, Daddy found you fast asleep on the living room floor. So much for keeping keeping you awake so you would sleep on the plane.

You woke up in time to get on the plane. I was nervous that you would be scared, but you were thrilled! You actually loved the ride and you were such an angel the whole time. Thanks cutie pie.

On the plane, you watched your favorite shows that Daddy uploaded on his Ipod.

Those darn earphone kept falling out of your ears

We arrived safe and sound in Seattle where Uncle Scott picked us up from the airport.

You are even in good spirits at 10pm at night.

Here you are in your car seat, eager to meet you new baby cousin, Bella.

Bella was not able to stay awake for us. But Daddy got to hold her anyway. He told Aunty Jamie that the only thing he wanted for his birthday was to hold Bella first. I think he knew it would drive me crazy. So I said he could hold her first but I got to hold her the longest. And so far, I have!

Stay tuned for more details of our Washington trip. More pictures to come.