Monday, July 14, 2008

NorCal Trip

Today you and I have stayed home to recover from a FUN weekend our close friends Boo, Anuty HaHa, Uncle John, and JM. You, me, and Breanna got up very early Wednesday morning and drove up to Northern California. The day we got there we all went to Color Me Mine painted piggy banks.

The next day we headed of to the mall so you guys could get make-overs at Libby Lu's. You had your fingernails painted, hair styled (not the cutest!) and make-up. It was so darn cute!!

You even had matching Best Friend outfits!! We took you to JCPenney's to get pictures done to show off your adorableness!

You and Me at Libby Lu's.

Matching piggy toes!!

While we were at the mall you guys got to play at the indoor playground. Two days in a row!

Mommy , Aunty HaHa, and JM sat and watched you little monkeys run around while the big girls were off shopping.

During the weekend we also saw Kung Fu Panda. You and Boo probably saw about half the movie. The rest of the time you were eating popcorn and m&m's, making trips to the bathroom, and walking around the front row! It was quite and experience. But you girls had fun and we enjoyed the movie.

The day before we left for home, we had a BBQ at Aunty's house. There was much DELICIOUS FOOD, swimming, and laughter. To top off the party, Aunty pushed me into the pool.....twice.......I was not asking for it at matter what she tells you!

We had a fabulous weekend. It flew by like a speeding bullet and I am sad today to know that it is over. Time always flys when you are having fun.