Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Seattle Was A 10

Today was our first time ever visiting the city of Seattle.

Here you are walking with Uncle Scotch, Aunt Jamie, and Baby Bella to the ferry.

We caught the ferry to Seattle at 12:30pm. You were very excited to go on a boat.

On the boat, we found a cozy little nook to sit in during our 56 minute ride.

You kept your eye out for mermaids. No luck in seeing one. Maybe on the way back!

Wow, it was really windy out on the deck. Not exactly great for the hair,
but you loved it anyway!

We are almost there. We could see Seattle behind us. Great shot!
Thanks photographer (A.K.A. Aunty Jamie).

We could even see the Space Needle from the ferry.
It looks really tall and scary!

Seattle, here we come!


summir said...

oh man...you guys were so close! well about 3 1/2 hours away but next time let me know and i'll drive up to see you guys :)