Friday, August 8, 2008

Camp Snoopy

Today you and I went to Knott's Berry Farm. We had to wait a VERY long time to get my picture taken for my annual pass but once we made it in you were pretty excited . It was your first time at this amusement park. You walked around squealing every time you saw something exciting. "Hey, mom. Look a airplane!" "Hey mom. Look a train!"

The first thing we did was head to Lucy's Lunch Box for some...well...lunch. It is here that you had your very first blue raspberry slurpee. You LOVED it (although you kept calling it blue coke). At our table, you could see a pond outside with a bridge. It was a real wobbly one that bounced up and down when anyone walked across. So the first thing we did after lunch is go straight across that bridge. You held on to my hand very tightly, but you were so brave. We made it across and headed to a small ride called Huff N Puff.

I was a bit nervous to put you on this ride. You see the rider must pump a bar back and forth in order to get the little cart to move. We stood in line and watched the other little kids struggle with this feat. Many got stuck and had to be pushed by the young Knott's employee (who by the way, looked thrilled to be working this ride!). So before your turn, I gave you little tutorial on how to do it. I told you go back and forth with your arms really fast. We practice all the way to the front of the line. Well, turns out you were one of the youngest kids to go in your group yet YOU ROCKED THAT RIDE! You pumped your arms so fast that you took off like a speed racer and did not have to be pushed by the employee once! You did make one little stop and thought, "hey, I'm done. I am getting out." But some bigger kid came barrelling down the way, bumped your cart and away you went to the end. Good times!

The last ride we went on was the train. It was just too hot to wait in anymore lines. It was a pretty crowded day. There were tons of kids from day camps there! So we headed home.

Thanks for such a fun and memorable day!


Melissa said...

Too Cute....I love your stories. You write very well!