Sunday, August 10, 2008

Parties Galore

Yesterday we were invited to four parties!! Unfortunately we could only make it to two.

The first party was at my friend Kim's house. Her back yard is like a resort! She has an amazing jacuzzi with a waterfall. You and Amelia and her daddy went in and had a great time!!

A couple of hours later we were off to the next party; Tyler's Thomas the Tank Engine 2nd Birthday. The beautiful cake was made by Cyndi, Tiffany's mom.

It was a blast. There was a Splash Pad at the party with water flying from every direction. I didn't think you would go near it since the last time we went to one of these you sat on the bench the whole time. But your friend Hailee Bop was there to hold your hand, and together you braved the water. You're the best of friends.

Tyler was adorable. He had a big grin on his face the whole day! He especially loved to run like the wind across the park. When it was time to sing and blow the candle out, it was much to windy to light it. But Tyler didn't care. He performed for the cameras and pretended to blow out the invisible flame. He smiled for every picture and gleefully sang, "cheeeeeeeese." So cute!

Here is the whole birthday clan. I can't believe we got a picture with all of you in it.