Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back to Work...Boo Hoo

Today I had to return to work after the best summer ever! I'm going to be honest, it was difficult. There may have been tears. I am going to miss getting up in the morning and snuggling on the couch, spending the afternoons swimming in the pool, and pretty much just spending time with you. I wish things were different and I could stay home with you. Every moment with you is special. Now that I am back at work, I am going to have to have to make the best of the shorter time we have together.

Your preschool is closed both today and tomorrow. Fortunately your Grandma Laura was able to watch you while I was at work. By the looks of it you had a wonderful day!! I knew it would go perfectly when Grandma began playing Polly Pockets with you first thing. They happen to be your favorite toy right now.

When I got home you were napping so I went in to check on you. I missed you so much and couldn't wait to see your sweet face. You were in your room........yet not in your bed. You had crawled out and were taking every single stuffed animal out of your toy bucket. So I walked in to give you a great big hug and the first thing you did was hold up two matching puppies and say, "I gotta show grandma." You must have had a great time with her!! I eventually got my hug and we played with all the toys that were ALL OVER YOUR ROOM.