Saturday, September 27, 2008

First Dance Class

My friend Katie called a few weeks ago and mentioned that her daughter Hailey was taking a dance class. A ballet, tap, tumbling combo. I thought to myself, "that is something that Natalie would love to do." So I bought you a cute little ballet outfit, ballet shoes, and tap shoes.

Two weeks ago was your first class. We walked in a little early and you were spotted by a little girl named Catalina from your preschool. She ran up to you and gave you a big hug.

It was so fun to watch you try and copy the teacher and all your friends. You reached your little arms high to the sky, you rolled your shoulders, you tapped your feet, and you pranced on your little tippy toes. The whole time you had a big ol' grin on your face. Complete and shear happiness. Which makes a mommy happy. I love you my little ballerina

Here is a little video clip of the class. So cute!


summir said...

You are bringing back lots of memories for me because I totally remember going to watch your dance classes Tricia!!! Natalie is so cute in her ballet outfit and is so adorable dancing around.

Anonymous said...

Adorable! I loved watching the video. It brought the picture to life!