Sunday, September 28, 2008


Last night Daddy and I took you to our favorite restaurant, Matsu. It is here that Daddy took me when we began dating. I will always remember the first time at Matsu. I remember exactly where we sat and I remember how excited I was to be sitting there with your daddy. I had ordered shrimp tempura which I had never had before. It was amazing and I ate every single morsel. When I was finished Daddy looked at my plate and looked puzzled. He asked me where my shrimp tails had gone. Shrimp tails? I had no idea that they still had tails! So I had eaten them. And to be quite honest, they seemed just fine. A bit crunchy, but fine. So that night I learned that you are not suppose to eat shrimp tails. We had a good laugh about it and we still bring it up to this day.

So it is really special when we return here now, with you. We get to share our favorite restaurant. It is no longer just the two of us....a couple. It is the three of us...our family. Before we left, I told you that we were taking you to a big girl restaurant so you had to wear a big girl outfit and act like a big girl the whole time. So I dressed you in a white collar shirt that Daddy had gotten you and some jeans.

When we got there you walked in and the first thing that you said was, "It's dark in here." It is quite a dark restaurant. But you were really well behaved. You played quietly with markers and stickers.

When the appetizer came, you used your chopsticks to pick up the fried calamari(which we told you was chicken). At first you used two hands but then you came up with the bright idea to stab the fish in order to get it into your mouth. At one time you had one calamari on each chopstick. Classic!

Daddy and I are so happy that you enjoy our favorite restaurant. Thanks for being such an amazing little girl. We love you.