Friday, June 26, 2009

The Best Husband in the Whole Wide World

I have the best husband in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD! The other night I was craving s'mores. I had bought all the ingredients at Target and was dying to sink my teeth in a gooey, delicious, chocolatey s'more. But there was one problem: how to cook the marshmallows? We no longer had a fire pit and we have electric burners in the kitchen. Well, instead of just calling it quits, my fabulous hubby threw a log in the fireplace and lit a cracking June.....just for his crazy craving, pregnant wife. Thanks my love for the delicious s'mores.

By the way, he could be the best daddy ever, too. What other daddy would sport such a ridiculous hat just to please his 3 year old daughter?


Hailee Bop said...

Very good daddy! Lucky prego mommy!