Friday, June 26, 2009

Self-Induced Exhaustion

I haven’t posted in a couple of days because I am suffering from self-induced exhaustion. This week we have gone to Disneyland four times. And while it has been so much fun, I feel like I have been ran over by a u-haul. My poor legs cannot take anymore walking.

So instead of writing a bunch of stuff, I will post some pictures of our adventures....with captions of course.

Here you are with Aunty going on Autopia for the first time. You loved the ride so much because Aunty let you steer. You couldn't stop talking about how you kept crashing.

You, Aunty, and Sara waiting in line.

You, Sara, and me waiting in line.

Here are you and Sara riding It's A Small World. This is one of your favorite rides!!!

You and Sara got your face painted. You held very still for the nice artist. You take your make-up very seriously.

Don't you two look beautiful!!

Here is our future movie star. Good luck today, gorgeous!

We spent the afternoon at the Magic Kingdom. But we went home to eat some dinner and pick up Daddy. He came back with us and the four of you went on Star Tours (it was your very first time), Matterhorn, and Astro Blasters.

The two "lights of my life" waiting in line for Astro Blasters. I wish I had my good camera. The background was awesome but you can't see it in this picture.

Daddy and Aunty thought they traumatized you on Star Tours but you excitedly talked about it the next day. You thought the robot driving you to outer space was so cool. You even asked to go on it again. We also went on Finding Nemo. We waited in that line for 20 minutes and when we were next to get on the submarine you proclaimed you had to go to the bathroom. Ahhhh!! So we had to step aside, I ran you to the bathrooom, and then got to ride it. This seems to happen a lot when we are waiting for a ride. I guess it comes along with the territory of taking a 3 year old to Disneyland.

Miss Mae, I am so proud of you. I never thought a daughter of mine would go on all those scary rides at a mere 3 years old. You continue to surprise me every day. Every moment with you is a delightful adventure. Thank you for being you.

*Cuteness: I have mentioned to you that "stupid" is a bad word. Now NO ONE can get away with saying it without you reprimanding them. You have total "stupid" radar. You can detect anyone saying it on tv, music, or conversations. When you hear it you always say, "stupid is a bad word." I don't think you realize that you are actually saying it!!