Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer Vacation.......Finally!!

Well Miss Mae, I am finally off of work and officially on summer vacation. I have been waiting for this day for a long time. I am looking forward to long sunny days in the pool and beach days!
We started off celebrating our first official vacation evening by picking up Auntie , Sara and Chloe. We headed to our favorite walking path by the beach and took a long stroll. You walked almost the whole way to the tower and back. You only sat in the stroller for about ten minutes. Your strong little legs just kept going and going.
The walk really helped us build up an appetite so we headed to 2nd Street. Since we had Chloe, we walked up and down the strip to find a restaurant that we could sit on the patio to eat. It took us quite a while of walking before we decided on Panama Joe's. All the servers were so nice. They even gave you and Sara funky headbands.

You were a complete angel the whole night. You never complained about all the walking and at dinner you sat there like a little lady. I am so proud to me your Mama. I could not have asked for a more wonderful daughter. I am so delighted that I get to spend the summer with you. I am secretly wishing that it will never end. I love you!

*Cuteness: The other night we had Sara and family over for her 5th grade graduation. Auntie asked you what the baby’s name was going to be and you said, “His name is Jack but everyone is going to call him something else. But I am going to call him Jack.” We still have no name for your baby brother, but he is going to be mighty confused if we don’t go with the name Jack.


Summir said...

hey tricia! hope you have a wonderful summer with your "big" girl...she is growing up so quick!!

Hailee Bop said...

can't wait to spend some of those summer days with you guys! love you! glad you are blogging again!