Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fun-Filled and Action-Packed

Yesterday was a fun-filled, action-packed day. Not even kidding. We started off by heading to the gym. You got to play while I took a step class. For some reason you LOVE going to the gym, which makes me VERY happy that I can go workout guilt-free.

We then showered and headed to the new house of our friends Karan, Ryland, and Kenna. We had not seen them since February. At first, Ryland wasn’t so sure that he wanted us there. He actually locked everyone out of the house. Karan had to pound and pound on the window and door to have him let us in. It took a while for him to warm up to us and then it was just like old times. You guys ran around, rode bikes together, and drove the BIG Escalade (your favorite). You guys looked so adorable. It made me imagine you all grown up as a teenager riding around in cars with boys. I actually got a little teary-eyed. Don’t grow up too fast!!

You were so exhausted you fell asleep on the way to Target. So when we got there I put you in the stroller and you slept the whole time I shopped. It was so nice to be able to stroll and look around while you rested. I even took an extra long time so you could get a nice nap before Disneyland.

At around six o’clock we picked up Aunty Netty and Hailee Bop and headed to the Magic Kingdom. We were so excited to see them since we hadn’t gotten together in a LONG time. You and Hailee chatted and giggled all the way there. And so did Aunty and me.

We decided to go to California Adventure first. I really wanted you to see the Electrical Parade. That parade has a special place in my heart. Not only did I love watching it with my parents as a young child, it was also the first Disney parade that I ever performed in. So I couldn’t wait to see your face when you saw all the sparkly floats go by. We parked our strollers in an awesome location then headed to A Bug’s Life to ride a couple of rides before the parade started. We rode two rides. Super fun! You and Hailee put your arms up and squealed with delight. I may be biased but you two are the cutest little girls I have ever seen. I just love how much fun you have together.

We headed back to our strollers and I waited with you girls while Aunty bought you vanilla ice cream with sprinkles. Yum. Eventually, after much waiting, the parade came and your expressions did not disappoint. Your eyes sparkled and I was delighted to see you LOVE the parade.

After the parade we headed to Disneyland. We were able to ride Small World, the carousel, and Dumbo before I ran out of steam. We decided to make out way to the car around eleven o’clock. When we arrived at the parking structure, Aunty Netty and I realized that we had been chatting so much when we got to Disneyland that we didn’t look to see what floor we parked on. We knew the general area we parked but not the floor. No problem, right? We would just start on level 3 and then try the next couple of floors. Sounds easy enough. Well, a half an hour later we still couldn’t find the car. Aunty went up and down the stairwells and so did I. Where the heck did we park the car? Just when we thought it somehow disappeared into thin air, we found it…….on the first floor we had initially started on. It was just WAY in the back!! Boy was I relieved to see the car!

We had such a wonderful time. Thanks Aunty and Hailee Bop for always providing memorial times. We love you both!!