Friday, June 27, 2008

Edible Art

Summer has officially started and we have jam-packed the entire week full of fun activities. On Monday we went to a mommy and me class called Edible Art with Aunty Netty and Hailee Bop. It was quite interesting. We got there and around the room there were plates filled with colorful edible paint. You were instructed by the teacher to finger paint. You and Hailee had a fabulous time plunging your entire hands in the paint and rubbing it messily all over construction paper.

While you guys were having a wonderful time, Aunty Netty and I were having major anxiety attacks. The reasons are two-fold. (1) because you guys were getting so MESSY! And (2) because all paints were community shared we were freaking out you would get hand-foot-mouth disease. YUCK!!!

So I know you had the time of your life, it was just too much stress on us. As soon as I got home, I called and pulled you both from the class. I wanted to tell the man on the phone that the class was disgusting and absolutely unsanitary with all the kids sharing the same paint, but I chickened out and told him it just wasn’t for us.

You and Sara

You and Hailee Bop and the green glob