Monday, June 30, 2008

Morning at the Beach

Today we had no plans. Being the early risers that we are, around 7:45am I piled you in the car along with your buckets and shovels and we headed toward the beach. First we took a REALLY LONG walk along the boardwalk. Sitting in your stroller you entertained yourself by singing songs such as Bump, Bump, Bump (you learned it at tumbling) and Row, Row, Row Your Boat. You also talked A LOT about Dora Mermaid and her mermaid crown. Right now you are obsessed with mermaids!

When we were done with our walk, we fetched your beach gear from the car and headed toward the sand. Together we built sandcastles and dug holes. We did this for some time and then decided to look for sea shells. We walked up the beach and you squealed each time you found a shell. Then you would say, "Sea shell." You were so excited each time you found one. It was such a lovely morning. I wish I had my camera to capture the joy on your face.