Saturday, June 28, 2008

Fire Truck

Today was Lauren and Andrew’s 5th birthday. They celebrated with a big birthday bash at the park. There were hot dogs, fruit, and cake (of course). But the most amazing part of the whole day was that a fire truck came to the party. It was a surprise to everyone. On the way to the park you were fast asleep, but the moment you saw the fire truck in the parking lot, you were wide awake. “FIRE TRUCK, FIRE TRUCK!” The firemen were taking all the kids for rides around the block. The first ride was full. So you waited patiently for your turn. When the fire truck returned, you ran excitedly to get in line. The children started climbing the latter to board the truck. You got to the front of the line but it was full. No more kids could get on. I explained to you that we would have to wait again for the next ride. Your once smiling face turned quickly into a frown. Your eyes looked sadly at the ground. You were crushed. But the truck eventually came back and we got to take two rides instead of one. You had a big grin on your face the whole time and you weren’t even scared when the firemen rang the siren and honked the horn. WHAT FUN!