Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Does this look like a sick child? I don't think so either!

Yesterday I got a call from your preschool at about lunch time. You had a fever of 101° and was resting in the sick room. Your daddy rushed over to get you and I quickly got my classroom ready for a substitute teacher for the following day.

You took a long nap and woke up a bit grumpy. You complained that your head hurt and told me, “I need to go to the doctors.” So adorable! The rest of the night, we spent watching television and cuddling on the couch. We watched the movie Cats and Dogs and ate lots of purple popsicles. The two of us fell asleep on the couch and daddy had to carry you to bed. You slept through the night except for a couple of whimpers.

You woke up in the morning in a very cheerful mood. I was prepared for a grumpy, miserable little munchkin, but you had other plans. You still had a slight fever but ever other symptom of illness was GONE! All day you literally bounced off the walls.

The best part of the day was when you got out of the bath tub put on a hat and slippers (and nothing else) and pretended to roller skate all over the house. You made me put on my slippers and some bunny ears (I was fully clothed, of course) and we skated around the house.

I probably could have let you go to school today and I could have gone to work. But I think this mommy/daughter day was just what we needed. It was a fabulous day and made me ache for summer when every day will by mommy/daughter day.